Fully Functional Domes

Fully Functional Domes
A complete range of motorized, fully functional pan tilt and zoom, dome camera solutions, delivering the latest in analogue technology

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18:1 Zoom Ball PTZ with IR/White light/Wiper & Dynamic Interface - BlackRV18-IRWL-W-DYN 18:1 zoom ball PTZ
High Resolution 37x PTZ Dome Camera with housing 3.5 ~ 129.5mm TDN IP66SCP-2371H hi res 37x PTZ + Hsg 3.5-129
28:1 zoom ball PTZ/FF dome with IR EXCLUDING PSU blackRVX28-IR-BLK 28:1 Zoom ball PTZ/FF dome
PTZ Camera Indoor Housing, Flush Type for SCP-3370/2370/2330/2270,SCP-2250,SCP-3371/2371/227 1, SNP-6200/5200,SNP-5300,SNP-3371/3302SHP-3701F PTZ indoor flush mount hsg
28:1 Zoom Ball PTZ/FF Dome with IR & WIPER EXCLUDING PSURVX28-IR-W 28x rugged PTZ/IR/Wpr
IP microdome 1080P UW-FOV IP66 FlexiDome Micro 5000 2.5mm fixed F2.8NUC-50022-F2 MicroDome 1080P 2.5 IP66
36x dome 540TVL fully functional domeSVFT-W36P FF 36x dome 540TVL
Day/Night, 36x zoom, wide dynamic range, image stabilisation, camera pressurised dome system with sealed, pendant housing. IP67SVFT-PRS36C DN 36x zoom WDR pendant dome
IP Sarix Professional Range Indoor Surface Mount POE 24V Mini Dome Lens 3 TO 9 MM 3.1MP Resolution 20IPS DayNight Auto Focus Zoom DC Iris Audio SDXC White Body Clear BubbleIMP319-1S IP SRX P SFMT MDOME 3mp 3-9mm
Spectra IV SE 29X heavy duty environmental pendant dome smoked PALSD429-HPE0-X Spectra 29x EN PND SMK PAL
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